Helpful InfoWhat is there to eat in Hakone?


What to eat in Hakone? There is a lot to eat in Hakone! Hakone is located in a wonderful area close to the sea and mountains so we have some tasty food and wonderful cuisine. The hotels and ryokan have wonderful meals for their guests, but if you are just in the area for a day trip these are some wonderful classic Japanese foodie options.

Hello Kitty Black Egg in Owakudani

Black Hot Spring Egg

One of Hakone`s signature items is the Owakudani Black Egg. The eggs get their distinctive color by being boiled in the sulfur ponds of Owakudani. These black eggs can be seen throughout the area and have even been made into other products. You can enjoy black egg ice cream, with your curry lunch, and many other ways. The most popular way to enjoy this local speciality is with a pinch of salt on the slopes of Owakudani with the steaming thermal vents behind you.

You can reach Owakudani by ropeway from Soun Station in Gora or from Togendai Station on the shores of Lake Ashi. This part of your travel is covered by the Hakone Freepass.

Onsen Manju

Onsen manju are small cake like sweets filled with sweet bean paste popular throughout Japan. Onsen means hot spring in Japanese and manju are the name for these tradiitonal sweets. Walking the streets of Hakone Yumoto and any other hot spring destination you will see small sweets on sale. They were originally heated by the steam of hot springs and the reason why they are so closely associated with hot spring resorts in Japan. Hakone`s most famous onsen manju are Kikugawa Manju and located in front of Hakone Yumoto Station

Soba and Udon

Soba and Udon are noodle dishes from Japan. While ramen is known world wide, it is soba and udon that are most closely associated with Japan. Soba is thin noodles made from buckwheat and Udon is a thicker noodle made from flour. Both these noodles are served in a light and savory soup based on soy sauce and fish broth. Soba and udon can be found all over the area, but shops are concentrated near Hakone Yumoto Staion and Moto-Hakone on Lake Ashi. The udon served at Hakone Shrine has gained popularity after winning a number of awards at udon competitions in Japan. Here is a list of Hakone`s most popular soba restaurants.


Kamaboko is a famous traditional Japanese dish made of grounded fish. You may be familiar with the small piece of kamaboko found on many instant ramen eaten abroad, but there are many flavors and cooking types to discover. Kamaboko is most famous as a product of neighboring Odawara City on the Pacific Ocean, but the product was often sold in Hakone as a food that would keep long. You can enjoy deep fried kamaboko on the shopping street in front of Hakone Yumoto Station. There are many different flavors to choose from; cheese, onion, octopus, burdock root, and more.

Cafe Tune Cake set at the POLA Art Museum


Hakone is an excellent place to try both traditional and traditional Japanese sweets. In addition to Onsen Manju are cakes, sweet mochi (pounded rice cake) parfaits, and much more. Some of the most famous sweets to enjoy are the traditional amazake at Amazake Teahouse, Yumochi at Chimoto, onsen manju, and more.